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He Went To Bed An All-American Kid And Woke Up The Son Of Russian Spies.

When teenager Jeff Grant applies for Air Force Academy, FBI agent Roy Parmenter finds out that Jeff's parents are "sleepers" Soviet agents planted in the US army years ago. As Parmenter becomes involved in Jeff's family, conflicts are raised which starts a battle of cat and mouse.

River and Sydney Poitier

River with co-star Lucy Deakins

River and Sydney

  • River Phoenix - Jeff Grant
  • Sydney Poitier - Roy Parmenter
  • Richard Jenkins - Richard Grant
  • Caroline Kava - Elizabeth Grant
  • Richard Bradford - Konstantin Karpov
  • Richard Lynch - Scuba
  • Lucy Deakins - Barbara Kerry

On his previous movies, River had developed a friendship with each of the directors, but with this movie he accused Benjamin of treating him like a child even though Benjamin spoke highly of River's acting abilities.

For River Phoenix, R.I.P brother.