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A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon

He's Got 24 Hours To Convince The One Girl That He Loves That He's Honest, Faithful And Fully Committed. It's Going To Be A Long Night.

This is a movie which is originally based on William Richert's teenagehood and his novel "Aren't you even gonna kiss me goodbye?"
It's about Jimmy Reardon, the school stud, he tries to find $85 to fly to Hawaii with his girlfriend.
River's father didn't want him to do it, but his mother and agent thought that it would show his full acting abilities. It was turned into what River called 'a sex comedy' and he said it would have been better if Tom Cruise had played it, someone a little more masculine.

River with co-star Matthew Perry

River as Jimmy Reardon

River with co-star Meredith Salenger

  • River Phoenix - Jimmy Reardon
  • Matthew Perry - Fred Roberts
  • Ione Skye - Denise Hunter
  • Louanne - Suzie Middleberg
  • Ann Magnuson - Joyce Fickett
  • Meredith Salenger - Lise Bentwright
  • Paul Koslo - Al Reardon


Naturally, River played on his guitar during breaks. The director noticed him and asked him to write the theme song for the film. Unfortunately "Hard To Get", the song he wrote was not included.

For River Phoenix, R.I.P brother.