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I Love You To Death

With These People Trying To Kill Him, Joey Boca May Just Live Forever

Based on a true story, pizza man Joey Boca is cheating on his wife. Sure that her husband can do no wrong, despite her friend Devo's warnings, Rosalie Boca is devastated when she finds out, being catholic divorce is out of the question and makes it her mission to kill him.

The Cast of I Love You To Death

River with Kevin Kline

Joan Plowright, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix and William Hurt

River Phoenix - Devo Nod
Kevin Kline - Joey Boca
Tracey Ullman - Rosalie Boca
Joan Plowright - Nadja
William Hurt - Harlan James
Keanu Reeves - Marlon James

River took this role with lightening up his serious image in mind, and was cast as the pizza boy - who the director thought was perfect for River, even though River thought Devo Nod was an extremely serious character. River had met Keanu Reeves a year before this movie but it barely took any time before River began to see Keanu as an older brother.

For River Phoenix, R.I.P brother.